Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Stellar?

We would really appreiciate if you could fill out the "Member Application" in the "Applications" tab. You will receive an email back shortly! 

What's our social media?

All stellar social media can be found in the "Social Media's" tab.


What games does Stellar play?

Stellar mainly focus's within the Fortnite scene but is looking to adventure to other competitive games in the near future!

Can I buy promotions?

Absolutely not! 

We are not a promotion service, we are a PROFESSIONAL TEAM!

Who are real Stellar members?

Please visit out "Roster" tab to see whom is in Stellar. 

Be aware as there are multiple fake Stellar members in the community.

How often does Stellar recruit?

We are always recruiting. Nobody gets over looked as we are here to bring great underrated talent to light!

Contact Us

Drop us an email!

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